Artwork by Laura Radman

ESR Portraits



October, 2018

Benjamin & Ronica Murphy, November 2018

In his commentary on the Song of Songs 5:2 , Gregory of Nyssa describes how the experience of God is mediated to us by those made in His image

When a man enters into the precinct of the hidden and invisible, it is impossible that he should encounter a storm or a torrent of illumination. Rather, it is sufficient if Truth merely wets our knowledge with some meagre and obscure ideas; and these spiritual drops flow through the saints and God's representatives. From Glory to Glory, part 70

Among the saints that my wife and I are privileged to know personally, Benjamin and Ronica Murphy are significant.

Ben possess a steady, charitable attitude toward everyone he meets, and a manner of communication that is uniquely noble. From Ronnie I first saw how an authentic spiritual life is both apophatic and forged in a personal knowledge of Goodness.

Their life is a witness to anyone who could use help in knowing a lot less.

You cannot know God. But you have to know Him to know that. Fr. Thomas Hopko
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