Artwork by Laura Radman




Cost Item Details
30 Film & Chemistry Fuji Provia 100F, Arista E-6
120 Drum Scans by James Beck Digital (3 frames)
400 Session Fee

The session includes:

Print and Frame

Cost Item Details
20 5x7 Prints Continuous tone RA-4
55 7.5x10 Print Pigment based inkjet
115 12x16 Frame Walnut or Ash with ebony finish and 8 ply mat

The Medium

In most sessions I will take fifteen frames on color reversal film . This medium is unusual, but it has a tonal response that is lively and exactly matches my effort to create a personal connection through a photograph.

First Session ( frames 1-15 )

The first session should be about 45 minutes in length. If we are prepared, every shot will count and we can keep the energy high.

After development, I collect the best seven or eight candidates for scanning. Most compositions benefit from some cropping, so I will send a link to a page which displays the framing I think works best for each image.

Second Session ( frames 16-30 )

After reviewing the images we will have a conversation about the features that added or distracted from each composition. We will use a second session to incorporate observations; and possibly an alternate location.

Review and Scan

In order to capture the absolute best detail and color, your favorite images will be sent out for a high-end scan by James Beck Digital.

Eric Shane Radman
8 Tudor Dr. / Endicott, NY 13760