Ratical : Analog Photography

Easy Imaging

Like every modern person, I take pictures with my phone. Unlike most modern people I delete them as soon as I share it over a messenger. I also delete images after choosing not to share them. The rapid improvements in the cameras embedded in phones and tablets useful for documenting events, but evidently it is unnatural to use these devices, however capable they are, of imaginatively representing the things that we love.

The capabilities of the sensors in our mobile devices has massive implications for companies that used to manufacture consumer-grade cameras because they are comparable, if not technically superior. This has little relevance for anyone who is pursuing the art of photography, and taking pictures with a phone is certainly not a hobby.


A larger device makes everything about getting a shot more difficult, so anticipation begins early. There are technical questions you begin to answer when packing your gear, along with a vision about what you hope to capture. For those who do not use film, try to imagine also choosing what to load the camera with! Making these choices carries an intensity, and something about human nature wants to defy odds which seem to be mounting against you.

The undeniable feature of any mobile device that can take sharp images is that anyone can capture scenes they were otherwise unprepared to take.


Artists today tend to argue that tools don't matter, and have found it necessary to explain some of the features that a film camera, brings. But the link between the particular aesthetic properties of a medium and the overall communication of a good photograph is complex. Photographers work hard to capture detail, but these details are not an end in themselves. Photographs make a personal connection using details that one cannot see without imagination.

So it seems that for some of us a camera with weight is part of the effort to reach out toward the mysteries of creation and life itself.

Last updated on December 17, 2020