Artwork by Laura Radman

ESR Portraits


Personal Connection

My goal is always the same: to create a photograph that reminds others of the man or woman you have come to be.

The Medium

In most sessions I will take fifteen photographs on color reversal film . This medium is unusual, but it has a tonal response that is lively and exactly matches my effort to create a personal connection through a photograph.

This session is about 45 minutes in length. If we are prepared every shot will count and we can keep the energy high.

Scanning and Initial Review

After development, I collect the best candidates for scanning. Normally 8 of the original 15 frames are uploaded for review. Most compositions benefit from some cropping, so I will send a link to a page which displays the framing I think works best for each image.

Observations and Second Take

If everyone involved is happy with the images from the first session, we may be done! However After reviewing the images we will likely notice features that add or distract from the photographs. If spot a missed opportunity to capture a memorable photograph I will be am more than happy to scedule a second session that incorporates what we learned.

Print and Frame

In order to capture the absolute best detail and color, your favorite images will be sent out for a professional scan by James Beck Digital.

I consider this endevour a success when we capture an image worth printing! I work with Digital Silver Imaging and Metropolitan Picture Framing to obtain a beautiflly rendered print and masterfully constructed frames.

Eric Shane Radman
8 Tudor Dr. / Endicott, NY 13760